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Connecting to what you know, your mind, body, and soul with music, movement and so much more.

Disclaimer for Free Programing and Handouts:

By reading free handouts or attending an online free class, in person demo or by watching videos made on Youtube or Facebook, you agree to this disclaimer statement below:

"Tai Chi & Qigong movements involve moving joints within the limits of your range of motion, engaging your breathe and muscles, and stepping forward and backwards or side to side. It is your responsibility to understand and work within your range of motion (comfort zone) and to modify movement per instructor’s suggestions. If at any time, you feel some strain, pain, or loss of balance, stop the movement and regain balance and comfort. You may rest at any time. Remember to breathe within your comfort zone (ABC - Always Be Comfortable). I understand that this instruction and practice is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment. I recognize that it is my responsibility to consult a physician when necessary. I accept that the teacher is NOT liable for any injury or damages to person or property which results from participation."

In-Person Sing-Outs and Open Mic Videos

Stephanie Siddiqui's Touching Worlds Together performance (Music, Movement & More) with Community Celebration Concert 2022.

Sing Out with Annie Schlaefer and Linnea Champ and Open Mic with many artists including Dave Dvorak, Al Ynigues, Luke Bonde, Adam Wolter, and more on August 2022

Hosted an Open Mic with many artists including Brother Timothy Frantzich, Al Ynigues, Luke Bonde, Annie Schlaefer and more on December 2021


Free Lending Library

Please fill out a form and email me please.

Why a Free Tai Chi/Qigong Lending Library?

Public libraries will buy the items when requested but if they are not rented frequently, the library rarely keeps them.

I came up with this lending system after hearing concerns about students who wanted to rent items.

Sitting TCA (Back and Front On) for Practice Purposes

Please Refer to Dr. Paul Lam's Website for official Guidance.

Chair TCA (Back On)

Chair TCA (Front On -Mirrored)

Chair Warm Ups

Chair Qigong

Standing TCA (Back and Front On) for Practice Purposes

Please Refer to Dr. Paul Lam's Website for official Guidance.

Sun 41(Front on -Not Mirrorred)

Sun 41 (Front on - Not Mirrored) 2019

TCA or Sun 21 Back On

TCA 1 & 2 or Sun 41 Back On