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Connecting to what you know, your mind, body, and soul with music, movement and so much more.

Open Mic Performances

Hosted an Open Mic with many artists including Brother Timothy Frantzich, Al Ynigues, Luke Bonde, Annie Schlaefer and more on December  2021 

Sing Out (community-style singing)  with Annie Schlaefer and Linnea Champ and Open Mic with many artists including Dave Dvorak, Al Ynigues, Luke Bonde, Adam Wolter, and more on August 28,  2022

Open Mic August 15, 2023 Part 1, Setup, Intro and give away with my songs and a few acts. To see the main show, please watch the next link.

Open Mic August 15, 2023 Part 2, with Riaz Khan, Robin Kutz, Kabir Khan, Amanda Roloson, Livia Lyons,  Porsha, Saad, Turza, and Riaz from (RK Vibes) and more.

Sea Others Foundation Open Mic Fundraiser Jan 21, 2024 (Complete Video)

Zoom Recording - (Missing the first 4 acts) Sea Others Foundation Open Mic Fundraiser Jan 21, 2024

Live Solo Performance

Stephanie Siddiqui's Touching Worlds Together performance (Music, Movement & More) with Community Celebration Concert 2022.

Stephanie Siddiqui led Spirit United Service on December 2, 2023

Producer, Editor, Video Creator/Editor & Album Cover & Flyer Artist for Sea Others Glow Album with Sea Others Foundation

Original Songs by Stephanie Siddiqui 

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Limited Vision

Gifts of Imperfection

Humanity First

Holding Space

What could be better than this? (Revision of Heart Check-In)

We Appear 

All is Well

Remember to Breathe

Busy Bee Song

Reach for Hidden Stars Song

Share Hope

Heart Check-in 

American Born Confused

Rember To Ask

Touching Worlds Together Song

To Grow Song

Side by Side Song

Slow Down Listen

At Peace Song

Brave and Strong Song

Join the Show Song

Sit Down to Chat

Original Photography by Stephanie Siddiqui 

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Open Mic Youtube Videos