Tai Chi & Qigong

Connecting to what you know, your mind, body, and soul with music, movement and so much more.

Sun 41(Front on -Not Mirrorred)

Sun 41  (Front on - Not Mirrored) 2019

TCA or Sun 21 Back On 

TCA 1 & 2 or Sun 41 Back On

 Tai Chi for Arthritis - TCA (Back and Front On) for Practice Purposes

Please Refer to Dr. Paul Lam's Website for official Guidance. 

Disclaimer, Waiver & Agreement 

I understand that qigong and tai chi are movements that involve moving joints within the limits of your range of motion, engaging your breathing and muscles, and stepping forward/backward or side to side or sitting in a chair. I confirm that my physical condition is fit to safely participate in this movement. It is my responsibility to monitor the activities offered and determine whether it is appropriate for me to participate and at what level. Remember, ABC (Always Be Comfortable).

Agreement for Participants:  

(a) I hereby accept full responsibility for and assume the risk of any injuries sustained because of my participation in this class or practice involving qigong or tai chi. 

(b) I hereby release and hold harmless Stephanie Siddiqui, Touching Worlds LLC, the instructor, the facility, and all personnel associated with the tai chi/qigong class for any liabilities, injuries, virus or illness exposure, and expenses which may arise because of participation in this class or practice or involving qigong and tai chi.  

(c) I understand any video or recordings of class or practice are to be used exclusively for personal practice and not to be shared with others publicly without Touching Worlds LLC content.   

(d) I consent to the use of any photographs or videos taken of me, as well as any feedback or written comments by me in connection with the class for publicity, promotion, or other business purposes, in any medium, including the internet, and I waive any right to compensation in connection with such use.  

(e)  I understand that by reading handouts or watching recordings that are made for social media, I agree to this disclaimer, waiver and agreement statement.  

Chair TCA (Back On)

Chair TCA (Front On -Mirrored)

Chair Warm Ups

Chair Qigong

Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis - TCA (Back and Front On) for Practice Purposes

Please Refer to Dr. Paul Lam's Website for official Guidance.