Touching Worlds LLC Balances the Heart, Mind, and Body

with Movement, Meditation, Music, Mindfulness & More Resources

Online Communities

Pathways Minneapolis (Free if you have Chronic Health Issues)

East Coast Mindfulness (Free Thursday Gathering at 11 AM CST)

Shift Network (Online Classes with a Free Summit in Spring/Fall)

Brothery Timothy Frantzich (Singing Group & Facebook Poetry Community - Free Will Donation)

Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing at U of MN (Free Class on Monday at 12pm)

Insight Timer (Some Free Classes and Membership)

Spring Forest Qigong (Free montly talk and Free mini-Facebook classes at 8 AM M-F)

Qi Community with Jeff Chand (Free Youtube videos with paid online community

Dr. Paul Lam's Online lessons and community (Online Memberships and Community)

Hay House (Books and Much More. Free Podcasts and Summits in Spring and Fall)

Qigong Connection (Free phone meditation & Spring Forest Qigong Practice T, TH & S)

Juniper (Free online for Seniors and people with Chronic Health Issues)

AIHM - Academy of Intergrative Health & Medicine (Free Lectures once a week)

Notable Teachers & Events:

Daisy Lee (Qigong)

Brothery Timothy Frantzich (Music & Poetry)

Solala Towler (Meditation & Qigong)

Jeff Chand (Qigong)

Yoqi Yoga and Qigong (Yoga and Qigong)

Tara Brach (Positive Psychology)

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Celebration on the last Saturday in April

Chinese New Year Celebration at Mall of America (MOA), in February

Qigong Global Summit (Week Long Free Summit in Spring and Fall)

Great Mother and New Father Conference (Poetry & Music in early June. Started by Robert Bly)

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