Connecting to what you know, your mind, body, and soul with music, movement and so much more.

"Stephanie Siddiqui is a wonderful Qigong teacher. Her directions are clear and she demonstrates the movements in a way that a person of any skill level (even those who must do all the moves from a seated position) can fully participate. She suggests imagery without being intrusive. I usually really dislike these kinds of classes and leave feeling turned off and like I didn't do it right. With Stephanie leading this class, I left feeling empowered and happy."

by Denise T. at the Demo at the International Day of Living in Peace, May 11, 2024

"Thank you so much for the "You Are Lovable" song. It made me cry this morning :)  And thank you again for leading the Feeling Visible with Mindful Moments every Monday. I find the simple movements mixed with live music to be extra special for me." - Wendy H. March 12, 2024

"Thank you!  Just what I needed. I hope I'll see you again next week." by February 19, 2024, by Virginia C with Feeling Visible with Mindful Moments Class.

"I have enjoyed taking Qigong classes with Stephanie.  She is simultaneously buoyantly positive yet also gentle and present.  After a class with her, I consistently have noticed that my body is deliciously calmed and my spirits uplifted." by Sarah U. February 13, 2024, with Feeling Visible with Mindful Moments Class.

"I first met Stephanie through her extraordinary volunteer work at Pathways.  She is an outstanding group facilitator with consistently contagious positive energy. Stephanie has a natural ability to support and inspire people on our wellness journey.  She is a highly gifted storyteller through her tranquil meditation sessions and this is also evident in her passion as a talented musician.  Furthermore, her creativity shines brightly with an art class she leads, called Conscious Creating, and utilizes her Tai Chi certification in very meaningful ways.  Stephanie has a magnetic personality, which enables her success as an inclusive community organizer.   She is knowledgeable and incredibly resourceful with a genuine interest in helping anyone in need.  It is an honor and privilege to experience the impact her soul brings to our world.  It is an absolute pleasure to recognize her heart and soul in her mission to uplift everyone on her path. " by Trish Jamar October 5, 2023

"Your session was truly such a wonderful gift to us all!" - by Tyler Stromquist-Levoir, Co-Organizer of the Community Celebration Concert.  October 30, 2022.

"I just did a free sampler class for Tai Chi and Qigong and it was incredible. 

She offers a free class twice a month and has a few other free options for classes with her. She shows every motion in a seated position as well as standing for adaptability and these are live classes, so you can always ask questions.

Links and more details can be found on her website: https://www.touchingworlds.com/home

If you go to the page called "Resources" she has a lot of information and handouts available for free under the Tai Chi & Qigong page as well.

She also has a YouTube channel with recorded sample lessons, a Facebook group, and a newsletter - all of this can be found on her website.

(There are options for those who are looking for something more specific for paying and her rates are very consistent and reasonable for private lessons at $1/minute for private lessons)

Thank you so much for a wonderful lesson today, Stephanie!" by Emily P.  April 21, 2021

“I felt calmer after the session and happier. The sharing among the participants was so supportive and helpful. Thank you.“ by Anonymous Pathways Participant for Stephanie’s Adventure with Inspiration and Gratitude Class on February 9, 2022.  

“I feel more relaxed, and calmer after the class. I enjoyed the movement of the body and the energy.”  by Anonymous Pathways Participant for Stephanie's Tai Chi for Health Class, January 20, 2022

"I was not sure if I was to come to class because I had so much anxiety, and when I was done wit class today the anxiety feelings were gone.  Participant from in-person class, November 2022

“I felt calmer after the session and happier. The sharing among the participants was so supportive and helpful. Thank you. “  by Anonymous Pathways Participant for Stephanie’s Adventure with Inspiration and Gratitude Class on February 9, 2022.  

“I feel more relaxed, calmer after the class. I enjoyed the movement of body and the energy.”  

by Anonymous Pathways Participant for Stephanie's Tai Chi for Health Class, January 20, 2022

 "We are extremely grateful for the Tai Chi demonstration presented to our group on Saturday, January 12, 2019. Attendees enjoyed it and appreciated having the choice of standing or sitting in order to participate in the exercises. The energy you brought to us modeled strength, wisdom, kindness, and gentleness in action. It was lovely! We sincerely hope that you will consider coming back next year for another demonstration. Again, please accept our deep gratitude for a wonderful Saturday experience." by Bonnie, Cat, and Mary Jo with The Fibromyalgia and Related Conditions Support Group volunteer leaders at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, Jan 2019.

"Just a note to tell you we are enjoying your zoom classes and the variety of exercises you present!  Thanks for being there!" by J. Smith,  June 2020

"Thank you for doing these Zoom Classes, and putting them up later on Youtube videos Stephanie, I have been missing tai chi and Wednesday’s are always super busy.  It is nice to do some chair Tai chi and qigong, I have missed you."  by Tom Hansen,  May, 2020

"I appreciate and am touched by Stephanie's generosity. I feel relaxed and connected vs. tired and alone during the class.  Thank you for your generosity and warm spirit."  By Anonymous Pathways Participant, July 2020

"I really enjoy the explanation of reason for the techniques and ability to view provider demonstrating techniques.  I feel more grounded, tranquil and present in my body in her class."  By Anonymous Pathways Participant, July 2020

"Stephanie is a great teacher with positive energy. She is patient and encouraging.  She is knowledgeable and explains things in a way to make sure I understand." by Lisa M on Nov 19, 2018

"I enjoyed your class at Sister Sports Night with my girls scout troop. I like how you explained what we were doing since we were all new to it. I kind of felt clumsy like Po, from Kung Fu Panda, as I was trying to learn but I liked the challenge." by Nicole, February 2019

"It was really great working with you and the residents are very blessed to have such a great tai chi teacher!"  by  Linda Marshall, Former Activities Director at The Rivers on August 6, 2018

"I enjoyed the class.   The setting was perfect as was the weather. Stephanie made the moves easy to follow. She is a well versed teacher."  

by Betz Ann, Tai Chi in the Park on June 5, 2018


"Stephanie took time out of her weekend to attend our MDA Adult Networking Support Group. We have a variety of physical abilities within our group. Stephanie was warm and inviting to our sometimes rowdy group. She literally calmed the entire room as she mindfully guided us all through an introduction to Tai Chi. One thing I really appreciated is how often she would augment a movement or change it so that everyone was able to participate at their level. One of our members even commented that he could "feel the energy in the room" despite his limited ability to do the physical movements. Stephanie also was very thoughtful to bring articles regarding Tai Chi and muscular dystrophy for everyone to read. We'd ask her back in a heart beat when we cover this topic again, she was truly a treat for all of us."

by Heather H. with the Muscular Dystrophy Association, October 2018

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